It all goes back and back,” Tyrion thought, “to our mothers and fathers and theirs before them. We are puppets dancing on the strings of those who came before us, and one day our own children will take up our strings and dance in our steads.
(for Veronika)

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rackhanne + walking away

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Black Sails Meme

↳ 4 Female Characters [3/4]  ➝ Eleanor Guthrie  (x,x)

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Beth Greene + Smiling (◕‿◕♡) - [ Alone ]

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The Signs On A First Date..


























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J2 at NERD HQ, july 27 2014.

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Naevia // Spartacus: blood and sand

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Beth Greene + Smiling (◕‿◕♡) - [ Still ]

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Oh I know I can do it.

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  "also, remember that pole that norman tweeted? each person was only allowed to vote ONCE, and bethyl had consistant 200+ more votes over c@ryl. we're by no means a small fanbase."

Yeah, I agree but polls are so relative to the number of people actually CARING enough to go and vote that I didn’t want to add that to my original post

Like I said, there’s no definitive way of calculating that there are more Bethylers now than Carylers, but yes we do have good indications, and this poll is probably one of them (since the article was so pro-caryl, the amount of bethyl response to it was astounding and very reassuring).

And even polls about favorite episodes over at AMC and over here have been in favor of ‘Still’ and ‘Alone’ immensely. But again a nonshipper could like those episodes too you know? But yes, it does make me get a very fuzzy and secure feeling about this ship. 

It’s only going to get bigger and better from here anon, especially judging by that trailer, Beth’s story line, and Normily moments at SDCC (even if you don’t count the wonderful interviews!).

The pull to this ship is powerful and countless more are flocking into our fold.

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Ship Fan base

News Flash: There are a LOT of Bethylers than people might be aware of.

The Bethyl fan base, despite being relatively new, was an unexpected and pleasant eruption that took place recently.

It was HUGE. Let me remind you of the fact that many people jumped ship from caryl onto bethyl the moment Still and Alone aired. This is not made up, the tag has been full of ship shifters.

Nobody, however, has abandoned Bethyl and it’s getting stronger and stronger every day, maybe even the strongest.

There is no way to calculate the actual percentage obviously but how can people, especially NOW, say there are more carylers than Bethylers? Because all I see is expanding Bethyl love in shippers and general audience alike and people actually leaving their previous ships to jump onto Bethyl.

So please can we stop ASSUMING that Bethyl is not a majority? Because by the rate things are progressing its a very likely possibility :)

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truegodofthearena asked: the walking dead or hannibal

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Hannibal & Freddie - for madsmikkelsend a.k.a. fuckinghannibal

You’ve been terribly rude, Miss Lounds. What’s to be done about that? 

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Greg Nicotero tried to hook Norman Reedus up with Emily Kinney so he took them out to dinner.

Greg: so this is nice, three friends, two lovers, out for dinner, you know, very nice.
Emily: oh we're not lo-
Greg: so nice. such a nice place, let's order?
Greg: just the steak for me. what will you two love birds have?
Norman: i'll get the chicken and-
Greg: AND THEY'LL SHARE! beautiful thank you bring wine and two glasses yes. anyway service here is good.
Greg: let's take a picture!
Emily: oh okay!
Greg: *takes picture* aww you two, just crop me out later, you can show your kids.
Emily: uh w-
Greg: no lets cut the shit. you two are perf. i'm captain of the bethyl ship and shit is gonna get real this season.
Norman: capta.. what
Greg: srsly I watch still over and over again and sob at you two and my amazing special effects god
Greg: you're my otp .....
Slash: same
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