sits awkwardly and feels like the only bethyl shipper who doesn’t dislike carol

See, my disliking of Carol has NOTHING to do with Beth or my liking of Bethyl. My laundry list of why I don’t like Carol is so long and it’s takes a while before it even has anything to do with Daryl…

Lol, true. The reasons I get annoyed by her have nothing to do with Daryl as well. Just because I find her interesting doesn’t mean I worship her or call her my queen. Because I’d rather call a lot of other characters that before I say anything even remotely like that about Carol.

Also, killianssavi0r you’re not the only one. You can come talk to me about Carol anytime  :)

make me choose: rust cohle or abigail hobbs [asked by anon]


One day there will be a Bethyl love scene and it’s going to be epic.



What exactly is Carol supposed to be the queen of?

Ruining shit, being condescending, unwanted advances, murder, bad stuff happening to kids in her care… Not agreeing with Rick…

Whatever the case, Daryl is supposed to bow down to her and lick her boots or something


Daryl Dixon in Season 5

Gif meme » anonymous asked: Jaime Lannister + 9 (my emotions)

Beauty is merciless. You do not look at it, it looks at you and does not forgive.
— Nikos Kazantzakis (via tomfleton)

Ok so bethylers, what time is the premiere and where do we go to check for updates on it? Like videos and pictures and red carpet coverage?

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Eiffel Tower x Sacred Heart ║ ViaGoodlife