Jennifer Morrison - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival: Gravity premiere


Please pray for all the innocent people there. Even little kids between the age of 2-10 years have been injured.


Update pakistan; 
1. They are stopping people from giving blood to protestors who are bleeding out
2. They are forcing doctors not to report number of deaths and injuries
3. They have hit people with real steel bullets instead of rubber one’s
4. They are sending severely injured people home without giving them proper treatment

Also 3 IGs (Inspector Generals) have been changed by the government in the span of 5 days because they refuse to participate in inflicting violence against the protesters.


We stand with Gaza

We stand with Ferguson

We should stand for every other injustice that happens around the world that doesn’t garner international attention

That includes Pakistan. My brothers and sisters are bleeding in the streets. Women, children, the elderly, they’re all choking for…


Beth finds them in Washington DC. Daryl isn’t exactly avoiding her but he’s being very careful not to be alone with her. Beth isn’t having any of that.

Five times Beth ambushed Daryl and the one time Daryl did.

1. In the cafeteria

2. In the infirmary

"Where’s the Doc?"

"Hello to you, too, Daryl."


"I heard you came in so I switched with her."

"Dammit, Greene!"

"You say somethin’?"


"Good.  Now take off your shirt."


don’t act like this is something new. police brutality and the mistreatment of black people has been going on since the establishment of america (and before, fuckit). the palestine-israel conflict has been going on since the end of world war two. the conflicts in pakistan have been going pretty…


International media has gone fucking ignorant about what’s going on in Pakistan. They don’t even know what’s happening there, people are dying and shit because they demand basic human rights.


How to be evil:

  1. Call everyone a fool.


Everybody makes it until they don’t.
- Bob Stookey

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Palestinian resistance fighters thank nuns in Gaza for providing food and water during Israel’s latest invasion of the besieged city. 


hp cast + ALS ice bucket challenge