And Death, in his shame,

built a kingdom from dust

as penance, as proof,

that his fingers were made

for more than destruction.
— emily palermo (via coleridges)

Must be the Hiatus talking



Filming together doesn’t naturally equal canon people. Something a major chunk of the other side should be aware of based upon their relentless argument in favor of a ship despite lack of substance last season. Yet they continue to advocate how little that matters.

Do people even realize that…

Filming together doesn’t naturally equal canon people. Something a major chunk of the other side should be aware of based upon their relentless argument in favor of a ship despite lack of substance last season. Yet they continue to advocate how little that matters.”

Yep, you said it! Filming together sure as hell doesn’t equal canon. That applies to both sides, the Bethyl side & the Caryl side. But I don’t remember actually seeing any posts where Carylers have said that Caryl is canon just being MMB & NR have been filming together, but when commentary for the DVD was released I saw a dozen posts at least screaming “IT’S SOO CANON” “OMG” B3THYL 4 LYF3”. I haven’t seen any Caryler say “it’s so canon omg” instead I’ve just seen hopeful posts about s5 and what awaits. No one over on this side is proclaiming that it’s canon whereas I’ve seen many posts on the Daryl tags in the last week or so where your ship is saying “oh it’s so canon” “yep nicotero confirmed it” “sdcc confirmed it” “commentary on an episode confirmed it” that to me seems like a VERY desperate attempt at trying to shut this side of the tags down. I’ve actually seen people get anon msgs or I’ve seen posts saying for Carylers to “give up”. If you spent time talking to a Caryler then you’d know that the majority of us are not interested in shipping wars. More important we just want Carol & Daryl to be happy, that’s the main thing. Happiness is essential. 

Daryl’s storyline isn’t all about Beth & it isn’t all about Carol. I wish that these characters could be appreciated for more than this. For more than “will he save Beth”. Also why does Beth need to be saved in the first place? Why can’t she get herself out of that situation?? I’m tired of this damsel in distress routine. Yea, Beth does have a role in the storyline for next season, as do most of the characters. It will be interesting to see how their stories intertwine.

You’re saying that people shouldn’t “belittle Beth’s importance” or “underestimate her” when that is pretty much what most Bethylers do in regards to Carol. I’ve seen countless posts about how Carol’s arc is over, how she’s going to die sacrificing herself to save “Daryl’s one true love”, or that she’s going to “help Daryl realise what his feelings for Beth truly are” - THAT is belittling Carol’s importance. That is belittling how important she is to Daryl. The same applies to Carol; you don’t have to like Carol. Just don’t belittle her importance or treat her as though she’s nothing more than a plot device to help make Bethyl happen. There are literally no posts on this side of the tags where people say “Beth will help Daryl realise his true feelings” or “Beth will die so that Carol & Daryl can be together”, I’ve never seen anyone reduce Beth’s character down to that but I’ve seen it many times with Carol.

"They would be fighting over who gets to hug the queen" that sounds a little bitter to me.. I’m not sure why it’s that big a deal that these two men genuinely care about Carol? Hopefully they both get to hug her, & there are hugs all around! S5 is the season of love!

Read: HERE and HERE

I don’t see your note on the first one so you probably haven’t read that one, but the second one you rb so you’re aware of that post. 

However, I am not asking for a justification of any sort. You didn’t write them. But the links are here for you to see and form an opinion. Read the tags as well.

I don’t have anything against Carol. I constantly struggle with my love for her character because of this ridiculous ship war. I am fully aware of the importance of all characters in Daryl’s life. This post is not to belittle anyone’s importance in his life but to highlight the path he will be taking in S05 based on what we have seen so far and what info we have gathered from the makers/actors of the show. 

I also don’t mention that Daryl is off to ‘save’ Beth. I merely mentioned the AMC tweet. The happiest thing would be if Beth gets out of there alive. I’m sure Daryl will be proud and so will we. Read again, the ‘damsel in distress’ thing is clearly not what I said.

Lastly, not bitter about a thing. Everything is going the way I want from the show, if not better. What amuses me is when some posts conveniently leave out Beth from the group hugs. 


∟anonymous asked: Who exactly were your ships on True Blood?

I didn’t have it in me to make these when it was asked the day of. Sorry. 

  1. Bill/Sookie 
  2. Eric/Bill
  3. Eric/Pam
  4. Hoyt/Jessica
Hey :) I just feel like telling you that I agree with you on that twd hiatus post you made in relation to Bethyl & C@ryl. Almost all arguments are a little too insane and some aggressive :( So I guess I suggest you stay away from the tag so you'll have some peace of mind. That's what I do. I stay in my little bubble until the premiere and we'll all just see how the show plays it :)

Advice accepted! :) I usually don’t get riled up about ship wars at all, but I am surprised how easily I can get annoyed by this fandom lol. It just takes one or two silly posts and that does it. I had actually been avoiding the tag until someone pointed a super annoying post over there and being the unrestrained curious cat I am, I ventured over to take a look. One thing led to another, and well… here is the result: A rant post lol. 

Thank you for your kind words, a bubble it is then!

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one thing is, even tho Daryl and Carol are in an episode together, it's not the same as what happened in Still, they'll be running, fighting and it'll be chaos, it won't be heart to heart life changing stuff. the folks in the other ship are going to get a rude awakening when Daryl is talking about Beth to Carol and she sees that he's in love with Miss Greene.

Although that’ll ring the truth into our ears, I’m afraid some people on the other side will still think caryl is end game. I can’t wrap my head around their denial. I’ve shipped non-canon ships and not being canon does not mean I’m blind to the reality of the story telling and the characters. And it does not take the fun away from shipping in the slightest. Shipping can STILL be fun if you’re realistic about your expectations for a show. 

As much as I want an awakening of some kind, I still think people will cling onto unrealistic expectations [a good example is some people stating that even IF Bethyl happens, it’s to ‘confuse’ the audience and it won’t last, the ultimate ‘twist’ being Daryl leaves Beth/Beth dies and Daryl ends up with Carol]. It just reflects how poorly people understand the dynamic of characters in the show. Despite Norman saying ‘once he (Daryl) loves you, he loves you forever’ and Daryl’s struggle with emotions/concept of love in general, stating things like he would leave one woman for another is just plain absurd.

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It’s taken me time to overcome my own doubts and insecurities. It’s been my nature not to want to believe in my own success and that I don’t deserve my success. But that’s something I’ve fought to overcome.

Must be the Hiatus talking

Filming together doesn’t naturally equal canon people. Something a major chunk of the other side should be aware of based upon their relentless argument in favor of a ship despite lack of substance last season. Yet they continue to advocate how little that matters.

Do people even realize that what matters is the actual PLOT in S05? And by PLOT, what do we know about Daryl’s story line next season? The clue being the only cliffhanger he has hanging over his head: BETH. Remember her? 'If found, return to Daryl and co?'

Needless to say, the actors/writers/AMC officially keep BRINGING IT UP?

So please. Keep your filming arguments in context to the plot and the end goals for characters. And we already know that the ongoing story with Beth has a major chunk to play in the next season and it’s going to affect ALL characters. Why should Daryl and Carol be an exception to that? 

My sincere advice to the other ships is to look at the bigger picture and not to belittle Beth’s importance. You don’t have to like her, but don’t underestimate her. Your opinion is just one among millions.


[And while I’m ranting - one last thing: How can people actually say that the bond developed between Beth and Daryl can’t be compared to the deep connection that developed between Carol and Tyreese [excuse me, but weren’t they the same number of episodes and time period which is the go-to argument of yours every time? And both parties went through some serious emotional shit?]. The cherry on top? That Tyreese and Daryl are off hunting for Carol and they would be fighting over who gets to hug the queen!…… Now, I respect the caryl ship, I do but that post made me question the logic. Ship what you ship and by all means relish those shipper goggles. Be a little blind, you’re entitled. But just don’t be THIS blind and not make sense to the rest of us. We’re trying to stay with the show here, not fanfiction?]

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“full metal glamour (detail)”: guinevere van seenus wears rodarte in vogue china april 2011, by josh olins

The cultures of people of color are either packaged for consumption or called upon to fill cultural and spiritual voids of Eurocentrism.
— Michael Vavrus (via sextiment)